mercredi 30 novembre 2016

136 A Rohingya Photography Exhibition

"136" A Rohingya Photography Exhibition 
photo Saiful Huq Omi 
 "Myanmar recognizes 135 ethnic groups within its borders. But what about the people who constitute No. 136? They are the non-existent people, those who must not be named. This compelling photography project by award-winning “photo activist” Saiful Huq Omi documents the lives of Rohingya men, women, and children from Myanmar. For more than four decades, the Rohingya—a predominantly Muslim ethnic minority from Myanmar’s Rakhine State—have faced widespread and systematic human rights violations."
"The exhibition captures the hardship faced by Rohingya, particularly those who have fled to Bangladesh and Malaysia. It documents their perilous journey by sea and depicts life for those living in and outside official U.N.-operated refugee camps in Bangladesh. Intimate, rare images from the camps highlight Rohingya hardships as well as the different sentiments between Rohingya adults and children towards their temporary shelters in Bangladesh. The exhibition also portrays the exploitation and dangerous working conditions Rohingya face as a consequence of their statelessness. Finally, images from Rohingya families who have resettled in Bradford, U.K. tell a different story. Living in a completely different environment, Rohingya children born in the U.K. were able to gain rights and citizenship and integrate into society, but not without complex, mixed emotions." 

till 6th December at HOF Art Space (BTS Phra Khanong)

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